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Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Happy New Year Emoticon Graphics

Exspresikan your feelings when the New Year arrives. Use Happy New Year Emoticons a funny and unique to describe your thoughts and feelings. Year 2011 will soon arrive, send happy new year 2011 Emoticon with your Facebook Profile. Use Happy New Year Emoticons as Facebook Emoticon, and use to say Happy New Year 2011 to everyone. This is a Happy New Year Graphics are cute and free, so let's call this a Free Happy New Year Graphics or Free Happy New Year Greeting Card. This Funny Emoticon can also send it via Facebook Comments, Friendster Comments, Facebook Status and Facebook Graphics. Smiley Graphics figure illustrates that funny, and cute. So Use and Post this Smiley on facebook your friends to convey Happy New year 2011, and Happy New Year next. Holiday, Celebration, Greetings, New Year, Activities, Smileys

Senin, 26 Juli 2010

Facebook Logo

This is a very funny facebook logo, facebook and also an interesting logo. if you want to search among the funny logo facebook logo facebook and look cool, probably the place here. Or you can also by visiting the website or blog that contains the facebook logo facebook and the facebook icon. Logo of the facebook is a tool for marketing that you have, can glitter facebook or facebook icon of cool, Facebook Graphics and maybe facebook Cute Picture.

Simple facebook logo
Facebook Logo

Facebook Logo
Facebook Icon

Selasa, 09 Februari 2010

Funny Valentine Emoticon

Cute and funny valentine emoticon Graphics for valentine's day wishes and comment facebook.

Valentine Emoticon

Senin, 28 Desember 2009

Happy New Year Smile Emoticon

Funny Smiley for Happy new Year 2010 and anniversary good luck and new Year 2010. This Emo or emoticon very cute and funny with fireworks and animation emo. send this images for facebook profile and facebook chat.

Happy New Year Smiley

Facebook Chat, Facebook Code and Happy New Year Comments

Senin, 28 September 2009

Facebook Smiley Codes

I'm sure lots of you use the well-known Facebook, and Im sure many of you are familiar with their new little chat system they have put into play. One thing they dont show, is the CODES to put smiley's in your text... so Im going to show them to you!

Facebook Happy Smiley Face Facebook Frown Emoticon FB sticking tongue out nyah nyah Big grin happy face for facebook chat Gasp facebook smiley Winking face book smiley nerd geeky facebook smiley glasses cool hot sunglasses smiley face Grumpy Angry facebook smiley codes unsure confused fb emoticon crying sad facebook smilies evil devil facebook smiley shark facebook emoticon
:) :( :P :D :O ;) 8) 8| >:( :\ :'( 3:) (^^^)
angel innocent facebook happy face facebook kiss emoticon facebook heart love kiki japanese facebook smiley squint squinting facebook emoticon confused dazed fb happy face upset raging smiley for facebook facebook pacman smileyface content happy smiley facebook crackbook robot smileyface putnam facebook emoticon
O:) :-* <3 ^_^ -_- O.o >:o :v :3 :|] :putnam:

So far it is not possible to insert your own smileys into Facebook Chat (like we are able in for example MSN Messenger), although we are hoping to be able to do this. So we know that Facebook Chat supports some smileys but do you know all of them? No problem, here is the list:

Smiley shortcuts are entered directly into the Facebook Chat window, you can insert them alone or in the middle of other text, Facebook recognizes them in any place. You can also write more of them in the same line of text.

Do you like this smileys? Would you have a suggestion for new smileys, or even possibility to insert your own smileys? Comments are below...

Facebook Chat Emoticons

Facebook emoticons can be used in Facebook Chat conversations. Each emoticon is called by writing it's shortcut into the Chat box.

Facebook is the most popular social network out there. It first started as a network for Harvard students but soon expanded to accept everybody all over the world and gained enormous popularity among all generations. It is almost hard to find in these days someone who is not "on Facebook".

smilesmile:-) :) :] =)
tonguetongue:-P :P :-p :p =P
winkwink;-) ;)
gringrin:-D :D =D
curly lipscurly lips:3
kisskiss:-* :*
grumpygrumpy>:( >:-(
glassesglasses8-) 8) B-) B)
sunglassessunglasses8-| 8| B-| B|
upsetupset>:O >:-O >:o >:-o
confusedconfusedo.O O.o
gaspgasp:-O :O :-o :o
devildevil3:) 3:-)
unsureunsure:/ :-/ :\ :-\
frownfrown:-( :( :[ =(
Chris PutnamChris Putnam:putnam:
angelangelO:) O:-)
penguin facebook emoticonpenguin<(")

Want to add some spice to your new Facebook chat conversations? Here are the obvious (and maybe not so obvious) smilies/emoticons/emotes that you can use in your Facebook chats! Just type what’s under the picture and it’ll pop up in your chat!